Benefits of Spending an Hour with Paul

  • Thought Provoking Content

    Thought provoking content provides key talking points that will encourage teams and colleagues to bond and share their thoughts and ideas.

  • Motivation and Inspiration

    Course content provides you with insights designed to spark your levels of motivation and inspiration. If using the content to kick-off a meeing, it ensures the meeting begins on a bright and energetic note.

  • Framework for Organized Meetings

    Twelve separate topics can be used to establish or reinforce the values of your organization; laying the framework for processes and operations regarding each topic to be discussed and improved.

Are you making sure that you and your team members are always walking away from every meeting feeling inspired and motivated?

In the business of sales, a successful meeting can make a tremendous and long-term impact on performance and profitability. Whether you conduct meetings daily, weekly, or monthly - these “small step” actions will result in “big rock” results. These meetings have the power to welcome real change and eureka moments into your organization that can help you and your team achieve your biggest and most important goals.

When planning out your meeting, there's one thing that can either make or break your team's receptiveness ... your start! Your team's response will largely depend on the way that the sales meeting begins. If you don't start the meeting in an engaging, inspiring, vibrant and well-planned manner, then you will likely get ZERO engagement from those you lead, which will result in wasted time and effort. 

There's nothing worse than having to endure a boring and disengaging sales meeting (or a meeting in any industry for that matter). So, if you truly care about your team members - (and I know that you do) - then you won't waste their precious time and make them endure bland and uninspiring meetings.

This dynamic series of videos was designed to provide you with power packed and insightful information that you can use to keep yourself, your colleagues, and your entire team motivated and enthused.

I created this influential 12-part series for my private clients so that their top team members would be continuously driven towards self-improvement. I received such a tremendous amount of positive feedback that I couldn't help but open it up to other people and businesses around the world who are seeking to operate with the highest level of passion and motivation as they possibly can.

Each five-minute video can serve as the perfect introduction to your sales meetings so that it can begin with a high and inspiring note. And whenever you feel that you need an extra bit of motivation, these power-packed videos will help you gain a new perspective and help ignite the fire inside of you. 

If you unlock access to this course you will gain access to:

  • 12 five-minute thought-provoking videos
  • Key talking points that will encourage your team to bond and share their thoughts and ideas
  • 12 separate topics you can use to establish or reinforce the values of your organization
  • A framework on which processes and operations can be discussed and improved

And yes, this course offers more value than to solely help you kick-off your sales meetings. If you are looking for that positive edge that will truly motivate, encourage and inspire you to be the best version of yourself ... this course is for you!

If you're ready to begin, be sure and redeem your summer savings before time runs out!

Purchase this course before July 14th, and I'll also send you the first volume of my daily affirmation toolkit - completely FREE, as an added BONUS! The Affirmation Toolkit I'll send you is the first volume of a twelve part series. It's great for any individual who desires to master the Power of Mindset on a daily basis. This toolkit includes 30 daily affirmations that will inspire and uplift you each and every day. I recommend that you review one affirmation each morning so that you can start each day with a fresh, positive outlook that will help you strive towards and meet your goals.

What are you waiting for? Let today be the start of something new and exciting for you and your team meetings!

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