Course Benefits

Over the next year, you'll get a daily "check up from the neck up" from Paul

  • Positive and High Levels of Motivation

    You'll get the positivity and encouragement that you need to pursue your biggest goals and dreams with resilience.

  • Awareness of Relationships

    You'll maintain a constant awareness of the importance of cherishing the relationships you have been blessed with.

  • Competitive Advantage

    You will learn tips, tricks, and insights that you can use to gain a competitive advantage in the workplace.

Course curriculum

About the It All Matters 52-week Challenge

This year-long course is based on Paul Cummings' best selling book, It All Matters, and it was actually created during the book launch process! The course is designed to challenge, inspire, and motivate you to live a life of real intention and get the most out of the year ahead!

Life gets messy - no matter how much discipline you have. Unfortunate events are unavoidable, so Paul was inspired to create a daily program that can help challenge and inspire motivated people just like you to stay on a straight track despite life's adversities.

Throughout this yearlong course, Paul will share entertaining personal stories and practical application processes that you can use and put in place in various areas your life -  immediately. He'll also be sharing strategies that will help you increase your finances, along with some exciting tips to help you nourish and foster healthy relationships.  Fair warning - these conversations are going to be as "real as rain", so when you walk through them, you will get wet!

The information discussed will help you to understand your goals, your dreams, and the vision you have for yourself and your family. You will learn how to be more inspired and understand the importance of maintaining your level of excitement and enthusiasm every day. You'll also be given proven techniques to help you get more out of your time, and how to manage time more effectively.  This experience will be unique and different each and every day and it will be like getting a "video fortune cookie" of daily motivation!

Here's everything that's included in the It All Matters 52 Week Challenge!

  • 386 Videos will be released over the next year in weekly segments
  • 52 Weekly summary handouts will be provided
  • 52 Discussion forums are available at the end of each week so that you can discuss the week's content with Paul and other students enrolled in the course
  • 12 Months of my Daily Affirmation Toolkits that will be released at the beginning of each month to help you master the Power of Mindset on a daily basis

This course is your personal guide to becoming the bold, powerful, unique, determined and immensely successful person that you were meant to be. Why would you settle for just a Level 5 in life, when this course can help you take that leap and truly amplify your life all the way up to a Level 10?

The It All Matters 52-week Challenge retails for over $1,000 dollars, however, Paul wanted to offer a significant discount for the first group of students that access the course.  Remember, Paul typically charges $25,000 for an hour of his time - so this is an amazing offer that you're going to want to take advantage of.  Having the opportunity to experience Paul as your daily coach, at less than $2/day is simply just too crazy of an offer for you to pass up. Yes, you read that correctly, right now, for only $50/month, you can enjoy Paul Cummings as your personal coach for an entire year (a one-time payment option is also available).

Do you have any big goals that you want to achieve with a burning passion?

The daily videos, affirmations, summaries, and discussion boards will help you NEVER forget that it is YOU and YOU ALONE who is in control of your life. This training is great content that will help inspire you to be the best person possible. It will give you great content to share with your colleagues or with those who you lead in daily meetings. And most importantly, the changes you experience will greatly impact all those who you love and cherish most in life. 

Are you the kind of person who wants to get the absolute most that they can out of life? 

You have the ability to manage your mindset - and the way that you choose to control it truly matters! Remember, you are the author of your destiny.  It's not the circumstances of your life that ultimately shapes your outcomes; it's the way you choose to respond to those circumstances. 

Could you see the value in having a coach who can help guide you through the next year of your life?

Join Paul on this truly amazing year-long journey that is sure to change your life!  You will be inspired to live a life that is full of intention and purpose and you will be challenged along the way to live a life that genuinely displays to everyone around you, that ... It All Matters.

Pricing options

Always remain flexible in your approach. Save money by paying for the course all at once, or split the cost of the course into twelve monthly payments of $50.

Course Inspiration

"At the beginning of 2017, I knew I wanted to take a completely unique and different approach for my B2B clients through my online learning platform, Woople. As I thought back on the journey I've been on... there are three words that stuck out in my mind - It All Matters. And I thought, “Why don't we create a video program around that?” Let's talk about what It All Matters really means. So, have you defined your “it?” The “it” to all 7.6 billion of us on this earth is uniquely different. That's why I wanted to make this course available for everyone - not just for my B2B clients. The key to true happiness doesn't have a dollar amount attached to it. The key is to find the “it” that fills you up; that fills your glass up, that makes you happy, that inspires you, that motivates you, that gives you the peace of mind and opportunity to make you feel like you've made an amazing difference with your life. That's what I want to do with you over the next year. I want to take everything I've learned - and pour it out." -Paul Cummings
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Course Inspiration


Andy Heck, President of Alpin Haus

It All Matters

Andy Heck, President of Alpin Haus

"The lessons I've learned from Paul have helped push me to a whole new level. I’ve applied the goal setting techniques that I’ve learned to all areas of my life which have ultimately enabled me to experience many memorable things. I am truly grateful to have learned these lessons from Paul and I know that if you will apply these same lessons, that you will be grateful too."
Sher Lyckman

It All Matters

Sher Lyckman

"Wow! What a difference your training has made in my life... My level of persistence (which was already high) has turned into a relentless pursuit of what I want in life! The It All Matters concept has been invaluable -- living in the knowledge that it all does all matter keeps me giving my all to every effort and seeing nothing as insignificant! So thankful for having met you and have upped my Level to Loving Life and Living It to the Fullest! "
- Stephen Taylor II General Manager, Taylor Kia

Paul Has a Unique and Rare Gift

- Stephen Taylor II General Manager, Taylor Kia

"If we were to say that Paul Cummings is an extremely gifted communicator and teacher and that he possesses a rare ability to connect to his audience in a way like none other, we would be selling him short of his unique gifts!"
- Dale Brown Former Head Coach (Louisiana State University), Author, and Speaker

I Met My Match

- Dale Brown Former Head Coach (Louisiana State University), Author, and Speaker

“I called my good friend Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and told him I’d met my match!”
- Mark McKibben General Manager, Glenbrook Hyundai

A Better Business

- Mark McKibben General Manager, Glenbrook Hyundai

"...We have a renewed sense of teamwork and everyone is working together toward the common goal of a better business and treating our customers the right way. It's obvious that Paul and his team really care about our employees and their well being. This isn't just training on how to sell a car, but how to improve your life. They teach attitude, goal setting, teamwork, leadership, as well as sales basics...Not you're typical training company...Thanks guys!"
- Tim Shults President, Shults Auto Group


- Tim Shults President, Shults Auto Group

"Paul's organization has inspired our nine store operation on personal, professional and business fundamentals resulting in measurable successes at every level. His genuine interest and enthusiasm touches lives and business practices throughout the operation, not just the senior management."

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